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Top Five Reasons to Use an Inversion Table

Let’s round out the month with the top five reasons we like hanging upside down on an inversion table.

Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 Inversion Table at Full Inversion

Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 Inversion Table at Full Inversion

  1. Relieve Back Pain: Reduce nerve pressure, relax tense muscles, rehydrate discs, and realign your spine.  In fact, in a recent study released by Professor David Mendelow, head of Neuroscience at New Castle University in England indicated that patients who invert regularly with an inversion table are 70.% less likey to require back surgery.
  2. Relieve Fatigue & Stress: Full body stretching unlike anything else, lowers heart rate through rhythmic rocking, lowers EMG activity (an measure of muscle tension).
  3. Detoxify/Improve Circulation: Helps the lymph system by moving lactic acid from the limbs, aids your heart by moving blood from the limbs/extremities, Helps relieve varicose veins.
  4. Increase Oxygen Flow To Your Brain: More oxygen to your head could help with mental function/stimulate hair growth/improve skin tone, helps brain cells thrive & develop.
  5. Improve Your Functional Fitness: Realignment of back, strengthens ligaments, improves orientation & balance training for athletes.  Exercises like sit-ups and stretching can be done on your inversion table.

Shameless Self-Promotion (it is our blog…)

Top Five Reasons to buy your inversion table from us at http://www.BetterHealthInnovations.com or http://www.BeFitInnovations.com

  1. Always the Best Prices: In fact, we will beat any advertised price you can find plus 10% of the difference for up to 90 days after your purchase!!  Yes, there are some reasonable conditions.
  2. Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 60 Degree Inversion

    Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 at 60 Degree Inversion

  3. Fast Shipping: We mean FAST.  Your inversion table will ship from a distribution center near you, either Pennsylvania, Georgia, Washington, or Nevada.  Unless you really want to lug a 65+ lb. package home from a store or wait for UPS to deliver from someone who only has one distribution center.  Speaking of that… most inversion table retailers are simply middle men who do not actually stock the tables.  We stock them and we use them ourselves!
  4. 30 Day Money Back:  For Teeter Hang Ups inversion tables, try it for up to 30 days.  If you don’t like it, the table may be returned for a full refund with no restocking fee.
  5. Authorized Dealer: Your table will be brand new, not a repack or blem.  Your table will have the full factory warranty (5 years for Teeter Hang Ups).
  6. Full-line dealer: We carry the entire Teeter Hang Ups and Stamina inversion table lines.  Whether you need a part of Gravity Boots or you need a full-blown powered commercial inversion table, we’ll take care of you!

On Better Health Innovations: Inversion Tables

On Be Fit Innovations: Inversion Tables

Here’s a helpful video made by Roger Teeter for Better Health Innovations:


Funny Construction Sign Picture – Going to the Gym?

Funny Traffic Sign You Are Not Going To The Gym Tonight!

Yes, this is why we love our home strength training equipment and home cardio equipment

Who Needs an Abdominal Workout? Fake Six Pack Abs??!!

Sometimes I truly wonder what this world is coming to.

This probably is not new, but a customer just emailed us the ab implant picture.

The Right Way To Get Those Perfect Six Pack Abs:

Body Solid Ab BenchBody Solid Ab Board

Body Solid Powerline Ab BoardBody Solid Cam Ab Bench

Body Solid Ab Mantis Machine Commercial

The Wrong Way To Get Six Pack Abs:


Wouldn’t Michelangelo be proud…

Yes, we carry a complete line of abdominal workout equipment so you can earn a REAL SIX PACK!

Top 10 Reasons Fitness Experts Love Trampoline Rebounding

Rebounding is working out on a mini trampoline or rebounder.  We believe it to be one of the single best exercises you can do improve your health.

Here are the top 10 reasons we love rebounding:

10. Virtually anyone of any age or activity level can rebound.

9. It is a very low impact exercise and protects joints from the impact of exercising on a hard surface.

8. Rebounding strengthens the musculoskeletal system by providing increased G-force.

7. It improves your metabolic rate, so you burn more calories when not exercising.Needak Rebounders are The Highest Quality Available and Made in the USA

6. Working out on a rebounder increases the activity of your bone marrow in producing red blood cells.

5. Rebounding circulates more oxygen to your tissues.

4. It promotes tissue repair.

3. Rebounding detoxifies the body by stimulating lymphatic circulation.

2. It Enhances coordination.


Find a great Rebounder on both our fitness and wellness web sites.

Which Inversion Table is Best For Me?

Over the past several years, this has been perhaps the number one question asked of us.  Here’s the deal, without the sales hype:

Teeter EP-550 SPORT Inversion Table

Teeter EP-550 SPORT Inversion Table

Brand:  Teeter Hang Ups or Stamina or something else?

Teeter Hang Ups offers MANY unique advantages, which places them on top of the inversion therapy market.  These include:

  • 5 Year Warranty on all parts.
  • 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee (use it for 30 days, if it does not work for you, get a full refund).
  • UL Listed – passed UL certification testing for medical equipment.
  • Longest continuous manufacturer of inversion tables (20+ years!).
  • Ability to add features such as gravity boots, stretch handles, etc.
  • Instructional materials such as a DVD and book are standard.

    Stamina Inversion Chair

    Stamina Inversion Chair

Stamina offers a high quality line of inversion tables as well, but without many of the features above.  Stamina are a bit less expensive, and they offer a unique inversion chair.  We recommend the Stamina Inversion Chair for customers that have weak ankles or knees.  We don’t like the inversion effect of an inversion chair as much as an inversion table, but for many the choice is limited.

Other manufacturers: Because we are such a large inversion table dealer, we evaluate a lot of other manufactures.  Here’s the problem… most of these are made by contract manufacturers in Asia, who may be making Shark Mops one day and then inversion tables the next.  The warranties are virtually non-existent and testing has shown significantly inferior quality.

We do have positive experience with the Body Solid Inversion Table.  Body Solid is a major fitness equipment brand, and their quality is almost as good as Teeter Hang Ups.

Teeter EP-550 Inversion Table

Teeter EP-550 Inversion Table

Which Model is right?

Teeter EP-550 Inversion Table: This is the “base” inversion table from Teeter Hang Ups.  It can be upgraded later with Gravity Boots, Stretch Handles, Inversion Massage Mat, or Training Handles.

Teeter EP-550 SPORT Inversion Table: Same as the EP-550, but comes with Gravity Boots.  Many people prefer the comfort of Gravity Boots over the standard ankle clamps, expecially when they invert fully.  The Gravity Boots are nicely padded and come with calf loops to put a slight bend in your legs.  Also comes with EZ-Stretch Handles, which help you manually decompress your spine which inverted

Teeter EP-950 Inversion Table: Many people think that this is the best inversion table because of the higher model number, but it actually is made for a very specific purpose.  The EP-950 has a ratcheting handle that operates the foot/ankle clamps.  The handle comes up to your knees so you don’t have to bend all the way over to your ankles to fasten your feet.  This is a great feature if you have back pain to the point where you can not bend all the way to your ankles.  If this is not a problem for you, get the EP-550 or EP-550 Sport.  Note that the EP-950 has slightly larger frame material, but we really don’t think this is a very big deal…

Teeter DEX II

Teeter DEX II

Teeter DEX II: It looks kind of like a roman chair, but it’s not…  We recommend the Teeter DEX II to people with weak ankles and knees (we even like it better than an inversion chair).  The stress is placed on your thighs and back of legs.  We don’t like it as much as a table, but it is definitely the way to go if you have ankle or knee problems.

Who to buy it from?

There is no better place to purchase an inversion table than the internet.  Your table will be delivered to your door, so you don’t have to lug a large 80+ pound package home.  Usually, “free” shipping is offered.  With that said, be careful!  Many inversion table “dealers” are nothing but middlemen between you and the manufacturer.  With any problem you have with the table, they direct you back to the manufacturer.  Then, there are “dealers” who somehow got a hold of repacked or overstocked tables that do not have the warranty.

How can you be sure?  Ask the internet retailer if they actually stock the tables or if they simple ship manufacture direct.  Ask if people in their organization actually use inversion tables.  Most importantly, ask about the return policy (30 days for teeter) and about the warranty.  This is a fairly large purchase that you will use daily for years – get started on the right foot!

More Information

We have several articles on our wellness site: Inversion Therapy Articles at BetterHealthInnovations.com

Here are Inversion Tables on our fitness web site:  Inversion Tables at BeFitInnovations.com

Here are Inversion Tables on our health & wellness web site: Inversion Tables at BetterHealthInnovations.com

Of course, an inversion table sold through either of our sites comes with the full manufacturer’s warranty, return policy, etc.  We stock these ourselves in our Pennsylvania and Nevada distribution centers and ship manufacturer-direct when we need to.  As one of the largest inversion table dealers on the web, we ship several tables every day!

Welcome to our new blog

After all these years on the internet, and after many customers asking for it, we have finally launched a blog for Vanko Trading Inc! We have been helping people in all sorts of ways with the products offered through our two web sites, Amazon, eBay, and Buy.com.  However, health and fitness technology is only half the equation when seeking a healthy lifestyle… This blog should help bridge the gap between equipment and the helpful information you need to get the most from it.

Here we plan to put out (hopefully) useful information on how you can get or stay healthy, whether that means through fitness or wellness methods. Having helped thousands of people achieve their health & fitness goals, we are looking forward to reaching out even further with this blog. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/Btr_Innovations