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Kid Makes a Healthy Drink – So Can You!!

A fruit smoothy, yummy!!!

Improve Breathing Performance: Our PowerLung Experience and Review

PowerLung_Active_SeriesEveryone knows the feeling of difficulty in breathing during exercise, competitive sports, or any intense effort.  It stands to reason that if you could increase your breathing performance, thereby increasing oxygen intake, that you could dramatically increase performance in virtually everything you do.

For years I had looked for a product that would increase my endurance and lung capacity.  I had tried several breathing exercises that helped somewhat, but I can’t really say that it was noticeable.  Then I happened along a product called PowerLung.  They claim that this device can increase lung capacity and oxygen intake by more than 25%.  While I was somewhat doubtful, I gave it a try.

Powerlung Sport

Powerlung Sport

I found that PowerLung exercises your lung muscles.  Just like any other muscle in your body, your lung muscles can be worked and strengthened.  To do this, you have to work against resistance (just like weight lifting).  PowerLung allows you to adjust resistance both in the inhale and exhale, which works all your lung muscles.  Over time, I was able to increase the resistance, just like increasing weight when you are weight lifting.  At the same time, I experienced a very noticeable improvement in my breathing.  I really noticed improvement when playing basketball.

I’m an amateur athlete, but I put the bread on the table by managing an ecommerce company.  So naturally, after launching PowerLung on our sites, I went looking for competing products to offer as well.  What I found was that these products (Expand-a-Lung, SportsBreather, UltraBreather, etc) were like sucking/blowing through a straw.  These were basically restrictive breathing devices (like a straw).  My background is in engineering, and I realized that with these products you do not actually move anything except air.  The formula for work is: Work = Force x Distance.   If you are not moving anything, then there is no work.  If there is no work, there is no muscle building!  With a PowerLung, on the other hand, you are moving something a distance with the force from your lung muscles.  That may not be the best technical explanation, but I know that the best way to build my biceps is by doing curls with a dumbbell or on a home gym: moving an object a distance (work).  Same for building lung muscles, you must move something some distance.  PowerLung is the only device I’ve seen that can do this.

In the past couple years we have sold PowerLung to professional athletes, asthma sufferers, pick-up basketball players, people looking to quite smoking, yoga professionals, musicians, people needing help getting around the house without getting out of breath, and more.  PowerLung is truly a product that can benefit virtually anyone.

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